What To Expect At A Preconception Appointment

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If you have babies on your mind, consider having a preconception appointment with Perfectly Female. Even if you aren’t planning to get pregnant until a year from now, it is still a good idea to put it on your schedule. Here is some idea about what to expect at a preconception appointment.

Primary Purpose Of A Preconception Appointment

Having a general check up before you get pregnant helps your physician to know if your body is ready for pregnancy. Many conditions can affect your ability to carry a pregnancy to term or to get pregnant at all.

Depression, diabetes, high blood pressure all need to be under control. Even being overweight can cause problems. Schedule an appointment even if you already have children. Things could have changed. It is important to have a preconception visit especially if you had any difficulties with previous pregnancies.

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Come Prepared With Your Medical History

Perfectly Female will want to know about your menstrual cycle, the regularity of your periods, and what type of birth control you have been using. Certain methods can delay your ability to get pregnant.

Your physician will want to know about how often you have a PAP smear and if you ever had a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Now would be the time to be screened if you or your partner have not been monogamous.

Other topics include the following:

  • Previous pregnancies, including abortions or ectopic pregnancies
  • Any miscarriages
  • Complications with previous pregnancies
  • How you delivered previously
  • If you had any postpartum issues like postpartum depression
  • Prescription or OTC drugs you take regularly
  • Your vaccination history

The Benefits For You And Your Baby

Having a preconception appointment is the best way for you to protect yourself and your baby from any problems during pregnancy and after.

Discover how important folic acid is and how much you should take before you get pregnant and after. This valuable vitamin helps to protect you and your baby from birth defects. Commonly 400 micrograms is recommended each day.

It is essential that you be honest and discuss any emotional issues you live with on a daily basis. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, depression, illicit drug use, or even abuse are topics you should reveal. Your physician can help you deal with them or recommend where to find help.

It can be possible to have several carrier screening tests for certain syndromes, but they are your choice even if they are recommended. They may check your blood and saliva for certain genetic conditions like Cystic Fibrosis or Spinal Muscular Atrophy. If both you and your partner are carriers, this increases the chances your baby will be affected.

Give yourself a healthy start to your pregnancy and protect the life of your baby by scheduling a preconception appointment with Perfectly Female. Call (703) 796-0200 to schedule a visit at our office in Reston, VA.

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